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Mallard drake

Fact: The mallard is probably one of the most recognizable of all ducks, and comes from the subfamily of dabbling ducks. The rich green sheen and bright yellow beak of the male is in sharp contrast to its drab female counterpart, with her orange beak and brown plumage.
Source: USGS

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A colorful mallard duck.
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Black DuckMallard henMallard henBlack Duck hen

Fact: Male ducks are called "drakes," and females are called "hens."

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The ever popular white pekin duck is also a dabbing duck!
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Bottoms up! A dabbling duck.
Bottoms up!

Dabbling ducks tip themselves face first into the water, (so you see their bottoms pointing into the air), and filter water through their beaks to harvest food from beneath the surface. This is called "dabbling." You were wondering, weren't you!

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Mallard flock
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