Grizzly Bear Pictures and Fun Facts
Grizzly Bear Pictures and Fun Facts

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The grizzly bear has long been an American icon of strength and courage, and yet it was the great push West that ultimately sealed his fate in parts of the United States. If we do nothing to protect the remaining bears where they are endangered, then this rich heritage could become as extinct as the California grizzly.

A grizzly bear, also known as a brown bear.
Image Source: Steve Hillebrand, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Fact: On one hunting expedition, when President Theodore Roosevelt had compassion and refused to shoot an old injured bear, a political cartoonist of the time began to illustrate him with small, cute grizzly bears, safely sitting beside the president. When Morris Michtom, a store owner in Brooklyn, New York, saw the cartoon, he began to make small stuffed animals in the shape of brown bears. Michtom called them "Teddy's bear," for Theodore Roosevelt was commonly called, "Teddy." The teddy bear caught on, so that Theodore Roosevelt's legacy will in part, be remembered in the name of a child's toy. Source: America's Story from America's Library

Fact: Grizzly bear females have something called delayed implantation. After they mate with a male grizzly, the resulting fertilized embryo waits inside the female until the fall. If the mother has enough fat reserves to be able to sustain a pregnancy, the embryo will implant itself in the wall of her uterus. If she doesn't have enough reserves, the embryo is simply reabsorbed into her system. Because of this delayed implantation, a female grizzly bear can carry more than one cub from more than one father, resulting in cubs from the same litter that don't look like each other. Source: Eastern Slopes Grizzly Bear Project (ESGBP)

A grizzly bear cub.
Image Source: Steve Hillebrand, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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