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male lion

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lion pictures
An African lion proudly displays his showy mane.
Image Source: Gary M. Stolz, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Fact: The lion is the only cat to have a mane. It's speculated that a mane causes the male to look bigger, and gives it an advantage when chasing off other threatening males. The mane, however, can make it harder for a male lion to hunt, for it makes the lion more visible, and other animals have a greater likelihood of seeing it coming. Since lions cannot outrun their prey, they must depend on stealth and camouflage for their hunts to succeed. Males, however, can be good hunters when they want to be-- most often when they don't have a pride of females to do the work for them. Male lions often hunt warthog and large prey, such as buffalo, where the king sized cats can utilize their own sheer power to their advantage, and where speed is not as essential.
Source: Lion , and The Lion Research Center: Hunting

lion pictures

A lioness with her kill, a water buffalo. In the back, you can see one of her cubs perched on the carcass.
Image Source: John Walker, Images of Africa.

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Quote: "While camped on the banks of this vanished river [the Umzingwani], we used to hear lions roaring as evening fell, and could distinguish their soft pads in the dry sand next morning; but they were so shy that we never caught a glimpse of one . . ."
Source: South African Memories, by Lady Sarah Wilson, 1909

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