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Site: Monarch Watch

Description: The University of Kansas Entomology Program. This site is a must for anyone interested in Monarchs!

Experts: Monarch butterfly population in jeopardy

Description: Article from CNN about Monarchs dying in Mexico, which is one of their migration destinations.

Monarch's and Migration

Description: From the Science Museum of Minnesota. Check it out!

Monarch Lab

Description: Monarchs in the classroom. A resource for teachers and students.

Monarch Butterfly USA

Description: Wonderful website for kids and adults alike!

The Monarch Program

Description: A research and education organization.

Monarch (Danaus plexippus)

Description: A Monarch butterfly fact sheet, from the "Butterflies of North America" at the USGS website.

Site: Friends of the Monarchs

Description: Dedicated to preserving and restoring the monarch butterfly habitat in Pacific Grove California.


Description: Monarch butterflies of Pismo Beach, CA.

Site: Monarch Movies

Description: QuickTime movies of the stages of a Monarch butterfly!

Site: Emerging From the Chrysalis

Description: A QuickTime movie of a Monarch butterfly emerging from a chrysalis!

Monarch Migration

Description: PBS website about the incredible migration of Monarch butterflies.

Where Do Butterflies Come From

Description: All about the transformation butterflies undergo in order to become the beautiful creatures we enjoy.

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