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Known both for its nobility and brutality, the lion is truly "King of the Beasts." This king is an Asiatic lion.
Image Source: Carol Lively, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Fact: Thought to be a subspecies of African lions, Asiatic lions, Panthera leo persica, have have shorter manes and smaller body sizes than their African counterparts. Asia's lions have one lone refuge in India's Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, where their population is estimated to be approximately 300 cats. This noble animal is precariously tottering on the brink of extinction, and is the most endangered large cat species in the world.
Source: National Geographic

lion pictures

A beautiful African lioness.
Image Source: Ken Stansell, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Fact: The life of a lioness isn't easy. Not only does she have her cubs to raise, but she and the other females do up to ninety percent of the hunting for the entire pride! Lionesses will usually have two to three cubs in a single litter, and will even let cubs from another female's litter, suckle with that of her own. Such cooperation ensures the survival of more young than if a lioness was on her own.
Source: African Wildlife Foundation, and All the World's Animals: Carnivores, Torstar Books, page 23.

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