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In the recorded history of tsunamis, this was the BIGGEST TSUNAMI... ever...

Biggest Tsunami Countdown #1
The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami waves were far reaching.
Photo Credit: Vasily V. Titov, Associate Director,
Tsunami Inundation Mapping Efforts (TIME),

Biggest Tsunami Countdown #1:
The 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

On the morning after Christmas, a 9.15 magnitude undersea earthquake triggered a series of events that would forever change the way we looked at the water. Within hours of the earthquake, the coasts of Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other countries, were deluged with waves, some as high as 49 feet. Source:
Australia Bureau of Meteorology & Wikipedia

With over 310,000 people killed in a dozen countries, it has become known as one of the most deadliest disasters of modern history. Source:
Wikipedia To put that number in perspective, number two on this countdown for the worst tsunami was Krakatau, Indonesia. The 1883 Krakatau tsunamis killed over 36,000 people in its wake. The casualties of this tsunami was more than eight times that number. It is estimated that over one-third of the dead are children. Source: Cascades Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, Washington, USGS & UNICEF


What can we learn from the past? History has shown us that tsunamis have happened before, and they will most certainly happen again. Understanding the warning signals, and knowing what to do in an event of a tsunami, can save your life.

If you live in a tsunami prone area, know the local evacuation routes. A rapid fall or rise in coastal waters may foretell of an impending tsunami, and could potentially surge inland. When this occurs, strongly consider getting to higher ground, or as far inland as you can safely get. Even after the tsunami appears to have come and gone, stay put. Tsunamis often bring a series of waves, which could last for hours. In the event of an evacuation, do not go back for your belongings. Stuff can be replaced-- lives can't. Remember, you're more likely to survive the earthquake, than you are the tsunami. Source:
USGS - Surviving a Tsunami: Actions that save lives, and actions that cost lives.

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