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Biggest Tsunami Countdown #2
A drawing depicting the ash cloud from the 1883 Krakatau eruption.
Photo Credit: P. Hedervari, National Geophysical Data Center.

As bad as the other tsunamis were, this one was worse...

Biggest Tsunami Countdown #2:
The 1883 Krakatau, Indonesia Tsunami

On August 27, 1883, one of the largest volcano eruptions in history, set off a devastating series of tsunamis, making this event number two on the Biggest Tsunami Countdown. The sound of the volcanic explosions were felt over two and a half thousand miles away (approx. four thousand kilometers), and is the loudest documented sound in recorded history.

The Krakatau event registered a 6 on the VEI (
Volcanic Explosivity Index), which is a scale devised to measure the relative size of an explosive eruption. A VEI 6 is described as "colossal," having a plume height less than approx. fifteen miles (twenty-five kilometers), and ejecting a volume less than two hundred and thirty-eight miles (ten kilometers to the third power) of tephra, i.e., airborne volcanic debris. Source: NGDC, USGS, Wikipedia, & Volcano World

When a caldera on Krakatau Island measuring 4.3 miles (seven kilometers), collapsed during the 1883 eruption, it created tsunamis that crashed into the Sumatra and Java coastlines of Indonesia. Some waves reached as high as one hundred and forty feet (forty meters), and were felt over four thousand miles away (seven thousand kilometers). One hundred and sixty-five villages were wiped out, killing over thirty-six thousand people. Source:
Global Volcanism Program, & Cascades Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, Washington, USGS

As bad as it was, the Krakatau tsunamis paled in lives lost to #1 in the Biggest Tsunami Countdown...

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