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Booted Racket-tail Hummingbird

Scientific name: Ocreatus underwoodii


Identification: The tail of this hummingbird is split into what can be compared to two tennis rackets with elongate handles and small heads.

Habitat and range: This hummer can be found in the rainforests of Peru.

FYI: "Hummingbirds lose power at high altitudes" is the title of a press release from UCBerkeleyNews (16 December 2004). In Peru, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley and the California Institute of Technology tested nearly 1,000 Peruvian hummers and determined that there was a clear decline in the lifting ability of the hummingbird at higher elevations, where the air is thinner and the oxygen is lower. Their research demonstrated that the loss of power and maneuverability of the hummer affects which birds dominate and control the territory. Researchers were attempting to determine what challenges face hummingbirds at high altitudes, and why don't all hummingbirds move up higher, where there is less competition for food and mountain flowers are even more attractive to hummingbirds. Source:
UCBerkeleyNews Breeding for the hummingbird takes place during the spring in temperate areas, i.e., North America, and during the rainy season in the tropics. Source: Donald F. Bruning, "Hummingbird," World Book Encyclopedia, 2005, Vol. 9, pp. 433

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