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Broad-tailed Hummingbird

Scientific name: Selasphorus platycercus

Length: 4 inches (10 cm)

Identification: Medium in size for a hummingbird, the broad-tailed hummingbird has a long, bright green body and a broad, mostly dark tail. With a rose-red gorget (throat), a green crown, and white underparts, the male has a metallic green body, otherwise. Females have also the green crown, but their chin and throat are white with various amounts of dark streaking. The female tail feathers are dark, but have the signature female white tips on the outer tail feathers.

Habitat and range: Found throughout western America down to southern Mexico and into the highlands of Guatemala, a mountain meadow is a common setting for the broad-tailed hummingbird.

FYI: At 50 to 75 wing beats per second, the hummingbird actually makes a characteristic high-pitched humming sound with its wingtips. Source: "Broad-tailed Hummingbird," Book of North American Birds, (Pleasantville, New York: Reader's Digest Association, Inc., 1990), p. 197. Twenty-five times faster than a chicken, the hummingbird's metabolism burns energy at a phenomenal rate to keep its wings moving. Source: "Hummingbird," The International Wildlife Encyclopedia, 1969, Vol. 9, p. 1136. The broad-tailed is the hummingbird of the Rockies. The sound of the broad-tailed hummer's wings can generally be heard before it is seen. Cactus blossoms are the beginning of the feeding season for the broad-tailed hummingbird at the lower altitudes. Moving up to gooseberries at higher elevations as the snow melts, the hummer instinctively feeds on the next target of opportunity, until it will be found on the rocky slopes at the 12,000 feet (3,658 m) level. Source: "Hummingbird," The Audubon Nature Encyclopedia, 1965, Vol. 5, p. 898.

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