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Broad-billed Hummingbird

Scientific name: Cyanthus latirostris

Length: 3 1/4 - 4 inches (8 - 10 cm)

Identification: This is a medium sized, stocky hummingbird. A blue-black notched tail identifies the male, while a square tail with white outer tips sets apart the female. Dark green above and below, the male has an iridescent blue gorget (throat), a basically red-orange bill with blackish tip, and white undertail coverts. Duller green above and grey below, the female has a red-orange bill and a white eye stripe.

Habitat and range: The broad-billed hummingbird is found in Mexico, southern Arizona, and western Texas, typically in desert canyons and mesquite thickets of arid lowlands.

FYI: Apparent differences in the color and appearance of the hummingbird are due to the iridescent parts of the feathers, where a change in the angle of viewing in relationship to the sun will make the hummingbird seemingly change colors. Found from the southern end of Alaska to the southern tip of South America, the hummingbird is found only in the western hemisphere. They are most commonly found in South America. Source: "Hummingbird," The International Wildlife Encyclopedia, 1969, Vol. 9, p. 1136. Since our perception of hummingbirds is a flurry of motion and movement, it is somewhat unusual to find that the broad-billed hummingbird may often sit on a high perch for long periods. Source:
National Wildlife Federation

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